Loretta Palmeiro | Sax

Hi I’m Loretta.

My first love was the piano but at 12 years of age I encountered the saxophone and we have been inseparable ever since. Together we have travelled the continents and explored the music of many exotic lands. I love the way that music transcends language barriers and provides a unique way to communicate, to share and ignite ideas, and to forge bonds.

I am passionate about the music of Brazil and Cuba, and have a great appreciation for gypsy and Fado music. In addition to Sirens I play in Spyglass Gypsies. Inspired by Django Reinhardt we play gypsy jazz tunes and write our own originals. I’ve been involved in a range of bands including Alphamama, Salsa Rica and the NSW Police Band. I also recently recorded with wonderful vocalist Crystal Barreca for her new EP “Dreaming”.

In 2011, I was part of a creative development project with the Bell Shakespeare Group, where I sang and played the sax, clarinet, toy accordion and the piano for a new theatre piece called “Night Songs”. Throughout the last year I was invited to play in a series of workshops for original music for jazz quartet and orchestra composed by Nadia Burgess. It’s been fantastic to have the opportunity to play with the Sydney Conservatorium Symphony and the Kuringai Philharmonic Orchestra.

Being a part of Sirens has given me the opportunity to develop my compositional and arranging skills. What I especially love about Sirens is that when it comes to creative expression and exploration, the sky is the limit.




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January 7, 2013