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Crystal Barecca


Crystal taught herself to play trumpet at the age of 13 when she was hadded down her great uncle's trumpet. It wasn't untill she discovered ska music at the age of 15 that she started to take the trumpet seriously, forming a ska covers band. In her final year of school Crystal was introduced to Miles Davis and the world of improvised music and decided she needed to get lessons. She was first taught by jazz trumpeter Linda Bacon then attended the SIMA Women In Jazz Course run by Sandy Evens and was inspired to continue studying music.

Crystal went on to complete a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education at UNSW, graduating in 2007. Since university she has been playing trumpet in various big bands and has developed a passion for singing. At present Crystal sings and composes for a soul/jazz/funk band called Pom Pom Shazaam and performs with many other bands and muscians. Crystal has enjoyed resisdencies at Tokio Bar, Jazzsushi, Lewisham Hotel and performed at other venues such as the Red Rattler. 

During the week Crystal enjoys being the music teacher at Holroyd High School; a unique government school who's population is mostly newly arrived migrants and refugees. She is building a musical culture in the school by running a concert band, chior, guitar ensemble, rock band and drumming group.