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Music lovers are extremely attractive. These girls have their heads in the cloud, earphones in their ears, and a magical list of songs in their playlist. Having a music lover date is a blessing in disguise. Why? Because the more you get to know her, the easier it will be for you to come up with gifts. Whether she likes rock, classic rap, pop, or even classic music, there are always gifts for every taste.

Here is a list of gifts to present to your music-loving girlfriend. And if you don’t have one yet, feel free to seek her here:

Idea 1: a concert ticket

Sure, concerts can be problematic in 2021 because of the pandemic. Still, with proper preventive measures, many bands continue touring open air. So why don’t you give your girlfriend the best experience of her life? Tickets are an expensive gift she wouldn’t buy randomly. Everyone knows that concert tickets are a confession of love. Firstly, you will show your girlfriend how much she matters (since you know her favorite band/DJ/singer/musician.) Secondly, this gift instantly makes you a hopeless romantic. If you don’t know this band and want to get closer, buy two tickets to visit an event and, hopefully, become a part of the same fandom.

Idea 2: high-quality accessories

Sure, AirPods are great, but why don’t you look a little closer into the list of possible gifts? There are two types of accessories: earphones and headphones. Earphones and earbuds are discreet, compact, but they often lack quality. Headphones have top-knotch sound quality, but they can be a little bulky. Choose a gift depending on what type of music your girlfriend likes. If she listens to rock and metal sounds, headphones with an in-built acoustic system are perfect because bass sounds are amplified. The same goes for funky hip-hop beats and a plethora of musical instruments in classic music. If she doesn’t spend too much time at home and goes out a lot, mobility should be a priority. Many modern earbuds have an acoustic system of headphones and manage to please a music fanatic!

Idea 3: vinyl records

If your girl likes old-school, a vinyl record is a perfect gift to please a music lover. Records are rare and somewhat pricey, but you can find anything in vinyl from Tyler The Creator to Elvis Presley. These records retail in huge music stores and individually on flea markets and online shops. Your goal is to find a rare and groovy copy of her favorite singer/musician.

Idea 4: a record player

If you want to win a jackpot, buy her a record player. It’s a new level of loving music, and a great way to come up with gifts for each anniversary. A record player is like Pandora: first, you buy the bracelet, then you purchase silver beads, one by one. Record players come in different colors, designs, quality, and price categories. You can purchase them practically everywhere. You can even make a custom lid. Once you buy a record player, you’ll never run out of gift ideas because every artist releases an album in vinyl for each album.

Idea 5: a musical instrument

If your girlfriend knows how to play a musical instrument (and even if she doesn’t yet), buying one doesn’t mean she needs to commit. Let’s say you want to buy a guitar. If your girlfriend didn’t expect you to buy a musical instrument, the least she can do is put it in a corner. But if she gets interested, you have a chance to gift her a new skill.

Idea 6: a loudspeaker

Loudspeakers are the best gift for a household. You can never go wrong with a loudspeaker because…they produce sounds, and that’s exactly what music lovers want to hear. They come in different colors, shapes, and price ranges. Finally, a smart loudspeaker can connect to her Cloud services and play videos, movies, etc.